Grenztruppen Grenzaufklärer

At the beginning of the 1970s, the position of Grenzaufklärer was introduced in the GDR border troops. These were professional non-commissioned officers selected in coordination with the Ministry for State Security (MfS) who reported directly to the company commander in the border companies. They were equipped with dual weapons (machine gun, pistol), observation and photography technology, night vision devices and some with service dogs. They were assigned their own patrol strip in the border area and could be deployed on individual duty. While their number was initially limited to 4 to 6 per border company, it subsequently increased to 16 border reconnaissance soldiers. In addition to their military training, a significant number of them received special training from the Stasi in the Stintenburg special facility.


Special gear other than a regular patrol unit:

  1. Fielduniform with shirt and tie
  2. Binoculars (pictured  is a Carl Zeiss Jena DF 7x40)
  3. Praktica camera (pictured is a Praktica MTL 5 B)
  4. Holster for Makarow (on the right back)