Teil I


1. Set of underwear and personal care items like shaving equipment, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Personal care items were 

2. Towel (Two types were issued; Terry cloth ones for career soldiers and linnen for conscripts)

3. Cutlery (

4. Handkerchief

5. Mess tin and meal kit

6. Tent sticks and rope

7. Shoeshine, brush and cloth

8. Sewing kit

9. Pen, paper (and envelopes) + Overseas hat

10. Bandage and a tin opener

11. 4 Kragenbinden

12. 2 pairs of socks / 3 pairs of foot rags

13. Headwarmer 

14. Tent canvas


1. Set of underwear

1.  Personal care items (deodorant, soap and cleaning cream)

1. Personal care items (

Linnen towel for conscripts

Terry cloth towel for career soldiers

Right was introduced halfway the eighties

Tin opener