Volksmarine Fähnrichschüler 2. Jahr

Stabdienstuniform Übergang

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This Fähnrichschüler is in his second year of study. The two year study to become Fähnrich was introduced in 1983. Prior to that, certain non-commissioned officers were promoted to Fähnrich over time. Due to a shortage of specialized personnel, the Fähnrich study was introduced, and the Fähnrich rank became attainable after two years of training. Most Fähnrich students had a technical career. The student shown has a technical career too. The career patch was sewn on to the sleeve 9 cm from the seam.

This Fähnrich wears a Stabdienstuniform. This uniform was worn during xxxx. The visor was provided with a white cover for the period of May 1 to September 30. This regulation to all ranks from sailor to Kapitän zur See.

There were two types of cockades used in the eighties. The production of the older stitched type with a metal bullion stopped somewhere at the end of the seventies but was used upon 1990. The newer type metal cockade pressed out of one piece of metal was introduced at the beginning of the eighties and was also used to the end of the NVA. 

Stabdienstuniform Sommer