Reprästentationsanzug Unterfeldwebel HA PS

The uniform described here was worn when performing protectional duties. It is a uniform with a removable winter liner. The removable collar differs from normal FDA uniforms; the back is in the same color as the uniform itself. These uniforms were also worn by the Passkontrolle Einheiten (PKE). Normally the uniform was worn with a Makarow or an AKM Mpi.

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MfS Hauptabteilung PS

In 1951, the PS department was upgraded to a main department (HA). Their main tasks consisted in:

  • Guaranteeing the protection of the leading representatives of the SED and the GDR as well as their foreign guests under all conditions;
  • Securing objects, routes and route areas, including area and depth security, as well as reconnaissance and defense against hostile actions or planned terrorist attacks;
  • Local protection ("physical protection") in the work and living area, when participating in events, when moving, when traveling abroad as well as securing a total of 25 leisure objects and specified central objects;
  • Caring for and caring for the "leading representatives" and their family members in the residential area;
  • Security measures during trips abroad or events involving the participation of leading representatives; Carrying out technical inspections of objects and premises, emergency vehicles or gift consignments and packages to prevent attacks; especially since 1974 (line-specific) protection and security tasks - in coordination with Main Department II (counterintelligence) - of representatives of other states and privileged persons as well as of publication organs and correspondents of other states;
  • Implementation of military-operational and military-sports training and further education for service units of the MfS and international courses;
  • Professional guidance of the guard regiment "Feliks Dzierzynski".

In the fall of 1989, HA PS had 3,343 full-time employees. In the district administrations there were independent departments PS.