Handbuch Militärisches Grundwissen 1983


1. Set of underwear, shaving equipment (blade and soap), soap, toothpaste and toothbrush.

2. Towel

3. Cutlery 

4. Handkerchief

5. Mess tin and meal kit

6. Tent sticks and rope

7. Shoeshine, brush and cloth

8. Sewing kit

9. Pen, paper (and envelopes) + Overseas hat

10. Bandage and a tin opener

11. 4 Kragenbinden

12. 2 pairs of socks 

13. Headwarmer 

14. Tent canvas


Gasmask bag content

1. Decontamination chemicals

2. Mask and filter

3. Inner gloves NBC suit

4. Outer gloves NBC suit

5. Poncho 

Other personal equipment

Cleaning kit for AKM as worn in right trouser pocket 

The Wehrdienstausweiss was worn in the left chest pocket.

Primary medical kit was worn the left trouser pocket